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July 16 2017


man i can’t wait to fully embrace my role as weird aloof cousin who never comes to family events and whomst you only know is still alive cos they occasionally like your instagram pictures 


I feel like I missed my window to do stupid teenager things and stay out all night and jumped straight to being a 55 year old woman who would rather stay home watching tv and falling asleep at 8pm

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Spectrum outfitters is a new UK BASED company that is about to start selling binders

I know this damn website is so Americanised but PLEASE reblog this! Transmasculine people in the UK have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for shipping from America. This could change all that.

Support your UK trans community. Reblog this. Get the word out.

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olny one survived






Being bullied for being a nerd isn’t that accurate anymore, cause being a nerd is more socially acceptable and cool than 50 years ago. So, consider this: Peter Parker being bullied cause he is a trans boy

Why do you think he kept insisting he was spider-MAN?????

Or that scene where he was like, “I’m not a GIRL”

keep reblogging this, cis people are getting mad

Also reblog this to make a trans person feel good


me when i open my dumb fuckin mouth


You think being a LESBIAN 💖❤👭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🌈 is hard? 😂😂😂😂 Try being a SAPIOSEXUAL 📖📒📚📓📘🔬🔭 Every night 🌕🌙⭐🌛 my parents 👪👫💏 call me a TURBO NERD 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 and say I’m NOT VALID 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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This is Lola, look at that hat wearing god 11/10




the lack of kyle ron on my dash is such an aesthetic

‘Tis as much of a disgrace to call the master of the knights of Ren ‘Kyle ron’ as it is not to enjoy him on your dash.

is this english




Transphobes r so confusing like wtf defines a woman/man?? U can’t say genitals bc y'all don’t think trans women r women but they can have vaginas. Some trans men have penises.

You can’t say brain bc those r proven to be genderless.

You can’t say chromosomes because some people are born with xy, xx, xxyy, xxy. Some cis women have xy some cis men have xx.

The only thing that defines gender is the individual person. Biology isn’t black and white, stop using it to excuse your transphobic behaviour.

Y'all need to reblog this version

This is what I’ve been saying!!!


self care sounds so basic but please don’t underestimate how difficult it is just to clean your teeth and wash your face when all you want to do is die

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz would like to play Miss America Chavez (MAC)

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my man miyamoto fucked bowser, good on him



it’s weird how middle names are like………. this normal thing, but also secret

reblog + add in the tags your middle name so we’ll all know 




Things they don’t tell you about top surgery

- Talk to the surgeon about the size you want your new areolas/nipples (don’t be afraid to ask)

- Numbness. No one talks about this for guys who are about to have surgery. You’re going to be numb all in your chest area, especially where the incisions were. They cut nerves as they pass along your chest, and it can take up to a year to regenerate those nerves. Still, feels super foreign for the first two weeks

- Make your bed into a pillow chair, body pillow, two on each side, and two for your head. 

- Sleep alone. I tried to sleep with my girlfriend and it was miserable. You really do need the entire bed for yourself

- Go on Groupon, & get yourself a 10 foot lightning cable iPhone charger, BEST THING EVER, can reach from wherever you are

- Don’t take a week off from work, take two. You will regret the one week, and love the extra time

- When they say “don’t move too much, even after the first week”. LISTEN. I moved way too much and got so sore super quickly. 

- Drink lots of water & eat if your taking the pain medication, otherwise your stomach feels super funky.

- Get stool softeners, & don’t be afraid to take those babies. Don’t wait a week to poop. you’ll surely regret it. 

- The drains are scary & they may hurt while draining or rewrapping your dressings, but once they come out, the second they do, its no more pain, its crazy. 

i hope this helps someone, because i wish i knew all of this when i was having mine a month ago. Looking back its like everyone forgets all the real negatives, its a great experience, & i healed very well & quick compared to most, but the first few days are crazy. They hurt, suck but it gets better. 

To the few guys I know having surgery this week!

-the headache you get a couple days after the surgery because the anesthesia is leaving your body hurts 200 times more than the surgery itself. And even that isn’t too bad.

-after a week or, you ITCH. It’s awful. Try not to touch your stitches too much. An ice pack will help.


did mackie call breadcrumbs cabbagepatch ‘benjamin’ genuinely lmaooooooo i can’t believe his ass like he didnt even bother to remember who he is an icon


everytime someone brings up Al from Toy Story 2 i can’t imagine his like, twitter or tumblr description like, not being

“Cis White Male, Straight, Deal with it Snowflakes, i don’t care if i trigger you” followed by a list of his waifus 

look at this fucker, you can feel the grease on this render, this man fucking has 20 body pillows of Jessie from Woody’s round up and has his twitter icon as the anime girl of the month, this guy’s a fucking gamergater and you all know it, fuck Al from Toy Story 2

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