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September 01 2017







ok kids repeat after me

vinegar and bleach makes chlorine gas, which is highly toxic

ammonia and bleach makes chloramine, which is highly toxic

rubbing alcohol and bleach makes chloroform, which is highly toxic

hydrogen peroxide and vinegar makes peracetic/peroxyacetic acid, which can be highly corrosive

be careful about your cleaning products and dont get yourself injured or potentially killed ok

why it so dangerous to be clean

As someone who’s job is to handle chemicals like this, I need to state that this information is IMPORTANT. Plenty of people have accidentally injured or killed themselves at home because they didn’t know what kind of reaction certain substances have with one another. Play it safe and don’t mix chemicals.

Also don’t use bleach to clean up urine it’ll create chloramine bc of the ammonia in it and you can give yourself chemical pnemonia that way

bleach is scary

Last night I was about to mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar when I remembered seeing this post earlier in the day. Thank you.





People on this site outright calling the Game Grumps horrible people is kinda hilarious to me because I’m pretty sure both Danny and Arin combined are much kinder than any assholes on this hellsite.

Seriously they’re ANGELS

Nah, angels isn’t the right word. The Game Grumps have messed up in the past and done a few problematic things. But the thing is that they’re REAL PEOPLE. When you make videos that are mostly unedited and have more genuine banter compared to other lets players out there, you’re bound to show your faults. But real people fucking work.

What makes a person good or bad is if their willing to make up for their mistakes or try to learn from them. The Grumps in particular have gone out of their way to fix things for other people if their informed if they’ve done anything harmful (two good examples would be the trigger warning placed at the start of the disney princess playthrough and the section of the sonic adventure playthrough that outed the name of someone who created a walkthrough being cut out for their safety).

I’m not gonna lie, they’ll probably make more mistakes in the future. But that’s okay! Because that’s all part of being a developing human being. Don’t ever let Tumblr’s shitty witch hunt mentality tell you otherwise.

Also, don’t use this post to defend Jontron. Don’t.

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Always Open #36


im depressed, bitch

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And here is the Hero Quartet we’ve all been waiting for! 

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if i was a skeleton i would just say “that really rattles my bones” in response to literally everything

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a question to the skate board side of tumblr


how do you guys get the boards to stick to your feet when you jump?

can someone explain why Americans eat potato chips with their sandwiches???

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“who ARE you” 

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They’re girlfriends

Prep and goth solidarity

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Wholesome teacher

August 31 2017

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Ноги надо держать всегда вместе

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*bangs fist on table* I WANT COLD WEATHER

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britney spears, jarl of whiterun

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